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Posted by on Jul 20, 2009
Credit: Kelly Fowler, The Messenger

Credit: Kelly Fowler, The Messenger

As team leader of Fresh Expressions Canada, Nick is in a unique position to provide an introduction to Fresh Expressions, which started life in England as an initiative of the Archbishops of Canterbury and York and the Methodist Council in 2004, with a brief to encourage churches all across England to establish new congregations and Christian communities through creative and innovative outreach. This was a response to the changes experienced in English society over the past fifty tears, many of which we have experienced here in Canada. Since 2008 Fresh Expressions Canada has been working  “to encourage the development of fresh expressions of church alongside more traditional expressions, with the aim of seeing a more mission-shaped church take shape throughout the country.

To date he has presented “Changing Times-an introduction to Fresh Expressions”, to the National House of Bishops, the Vision 2019 Planning Team, a theological college, General Synod 2010, and diocesan synods.

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