We have a winner!


Back in February we invited you to produce a 3 minute Canadian video that shows:

  • a Fresh Expression of Church in your community, or
  • a Church Plant Initiative, or
  • an Innovative Ministry Initiative

To say that we were overwhelmed with submissions would be untrue, but the winners of the competition, have produced an excellent video which tells the story of an innovative ministry initiative that they conceived and developed,

…and the winners are… Cam Fraser & Andrew Hyde!

“We wanted to blow the doors off what worship could be,” Andrew Hyde said. The Youth and Young Families Minister at Norval United Church, Norval, ON, began collaborating with Cam Fraser, coordinator of the Annex, based out of St. Paul’s United Church, in Milton, ON, on worship installations just over a year ago.

Andrew Hyde

Andrew Hyde

“Traditional worship is a spectator sport,” Hyde said. “We wanted to go the opposite way and create do it yourself exploratory experiences. So we brought in the arts and hands on stuff to broaden our horizons.”

“I like the idea of opening up space— spaces of resonance—inside and outside ourselves—to listen to the voice of the Holy Spirit,” Fraser said, The two have been “opening up space” in very unique ways.

“I started doing worship installations around 2004 or so, at St. James United in Waterdown,” Hyde said. “It’s a lot of fun and a great way to be creative.”


“Andrew’s the visual guy,” Fraser said. “I do more of the writing and sound.”…

Cam Fraser

Cam Fraser

…”In March 2013, the pair will use one image to unite the various elements of their Holy Week Installation entitled “Table.d”. “We’re going to explore what tables mean and how they’re used,” Hyde said.

Although Fraser said they have “a solid draft of what all the stations are going to look like,” they’re still “seeking out the materials and trying out some of the ideas.  As we work on them, they usually subtly morph into something else, and sometimes they significantly change into something completely different than planned.”

Hyde said that “a real mix of people right across the board,” came to the last two installations. “Some churches brought their youth groups. People are looking for new expressions of worship—new ideas about what worship might be. And this is really neat.”

The dynamic duo’s Holy Week installation was housed at Grace Anglican Milton on Tuesday March 26th and Weds March 27,th before moving on to Norval United on Thursday March 28.th  Viewing hours were 6:30 – 9:00 each evening.

Pictures and commentaries on prior installations are posted online at http://www.facebook.com/aworshipinstallation ”


We hope Cam and Andrew are enjoying their new camera. Congratulations guys!


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