Upcoming Messy Church Conference: Meeting Jesus in Messy Church: Loving Jesus, Making Jesus Known, Living Like Jesus

The Messy Church Canadian Conference is a gathering of people who are dedicated to sharing the good news of Jesus with all ages/families in their communities – Messy Church leaders, volunteers and anyone who has a passion for ministering to their communities in an innovative way. Click here to register!

On Thursday, October 26th and Friday October 27th at Wycliffe College Toronto, we will bring together deeply committed leaders who have a passion for building authentic communities centering on Jesus. Lucy Moore, the founder of Messy Church, and Martyn Payne from the UK will give three keynote addresses focussing on our theme – Meeting Jesus in Messy Church: Loving Jesus, Making Jesus Known, Living Like Jesus. There will also be engaging workshops that will equip you in practical ways!

Workshops and information will be added over the next number of months, so please check back often! Questions?

Here are some of the planned workshop topics:

  • Soul Song – The Music of Messy Church
  • New Frontiers and boldly going where the people already are
  • Prayer: The Messy Way
  • Digital Messy Ministry:  Jumping Off the Platforms of Twitter and Instagram
  • Encouraging Men in Messy Church
  • What is a Disciple anyway and why are they important to Messy Church?
  • Equipping your team: discipleship
  • Storytelling: bringing the theme to life
  • So what exactly is Messy Church? The Basics
  • The Big Bang: Engaging in the theme as you enter Messy Church

Additional topics we are planning to include:

  • Resourcing Your Messy Church
  • Creativity: Activities and crafts for all ages
  • and more!

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