Time to start new churches?

In an article in the April edition of Niagara Anglican Online, Dr. John Bowen, (Wycliffe College‘s Professor of Evangelism and Director of the Institute of Evangelism,) makes the case for starting new forms of church in our post-Christendom context.

Time to start new churches 

John Bowen


By John Bowen

Published: April 2011

If church attendance is declining, what should be our response? Start new churches, of course!

If that seems counter-intuitive, consider the following:

  • One reason churches decline is that populations move, and churches do not move with them. What about new churches for new population centres?
  • There is clear evidence that there are more “new Christians” in new churches than in older churches. There is something that makes a new church more readily accessible to someone who is exploring faith.
  • New churches are nimble—like young children—and able to adapt to newcomers, new cultures and new demands more readily than older churches which often suffer from structural and cultural arthritis.

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