New Church Planting Resource – Starting Mission-Shaped Churches

Posted by on Dec 10, 2008

Australian Stuart P. Robinson, has written the best workbook on church planting that I have read. “Starting Mission-Shaped Churches” (St. Paul’s Chatswood, 2007), is an extremely practical tool written by someone who is both an experienced Anglican church planter and bishop-elect of Canberra! Its large format makes it easy to handle and inviting to use. […]

Mission-Shaped Church

Posted by on Dec 15, 2004

This church report marked a new transition: Mission Shaped Church (2004), written by a group headed by Bishop Graham Cray. This not only described some of the “fresh expressions of church” which were springing up all over the country, but talked about the theology of such things, and gave encouragement to those who wanted to experiment […]