A fresh expression of church should strive to reach those who have never been involved in church (The Nones) and/or those who have left the church (The Dones).

A fresh expressions planter starts by ‘missionally listening’ to God and the people they are called to serve. This listening process is initiated by intentionally entering the worlds of those the planter seeks to draw closer to the love of Christ.

How To Start A Fresh Expression:

  • Spend some time ‘missionally listening’ to God and the people you are called to serve.
  • Find a way to love and serve the people around you. These people most likely share a common interest with you.
  • Build a community with people by gathering around a shared experience.
  • Offer opportunities for people to engage in questions about Jesus that are contextually relevant to their everyday needs, wants and experiences.
  • Allow a church, community or congregation take place around those who are growing in their faith.
  • Encourage new believers to repeat the process by allowing themselves to be sent out.

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