skate church starts second season

Peter McCracken, Rev. Christine Piper and Thor Stewart have joined together to start up a Tuesday-night youth ministry based on skateboarding. Melissa Di Costanzo

What started out as a problem, turned out to be a wonderful opportunity for the the people of  St. James the Apostle Church in Perth ON.  Many people know the story having seen the video, “Skater Church”, online, or at Vision Days across the country. Reaching out to the skateboarding community in Perth was not at the top of anyone’s to-do list, except for God’s, apparently!

Offering a much needed winter home for the many skateboarders and would-be skateboards in the surrounding area, aged anywhere from five to twenty years,  was so successful , that it proved necessary to devote two evenings a week to this venture! So now once again the people of St. James are preparing to open their hall, and their hearts, for a second season of “skate church” on Tuesday November 30th. During a recent conversation with some of the leaders, it became obvious they felt that all this was very much God’s doing. Questions about “where will the leaders come from?” now some of the older skaters have moved away, and how to approach providing those who wish with opportunities to discover more about Jesus, are very much in the minds of  the leaders.

God’s guidance as well as provision is obviously needed, and so those of us who have been stirred by the story of “Skater Church” have an opportunity to support our friends in Perth, by praying for them and the skaters as they commence a new season, against the backdrop of a rash of teen suicides since the spring in the region.

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