Why I Donate… Better Yet, How Can I Not Donate?

“Last year my church sponsored a Syrian refugee family of 7 in midtown Toronto. A family of 7 has a hard time to find a place to live at all, forget temporary housing within another family’s home for their first few months here. My partner is Lebanese, we live in midtown, and we have a home that fits our 6-person family (with 3 at university). If anyone was going to say “yes” to this family, I assumed that it would be us. In fact, it quickly became apparent to me that it was our responsibility to say “yes.”

When the family joined us, many of my friends, colleagues, and family would say that we were “saints” or that we were doing something “amazing.” I just didn’t feel that way. I just thought that it was something that we have to do as Canadians and as faithful people.

Recently I wrote a book entitled the Give Back Economy (available as of October 24), and the same feelings prevailed. How could I not donate the royalties of this book to the give back economy and further developing that in Canada? The work that Fresh Expressions Canada is doing is changing the landscape of how society operates and perceives faith organizations. The give back economy would never be as strong as it needs to be without faith groups.

How can I not donate?”

A testimonial on the importance of giving from Carla Leon
Manager of New Initiatives
EDGE – A Network for Ministry Renewal & Development
The United Church of Canada

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