The principal source for information with regards to the impact of the movement is the Church Growth Research Programme in England (“Church Growth Research Programme”). Research shows that since the initiative began, probably over 20,000 people did “go and do it”, and between them planted over 2,000 new ecclesial communities, with over 100,000 attending. After over a decade, not only is Fresh Expressions on the agenda of every diocese and thousands of local churches, but a huge amount of work has been done on every aspect of its life, from theology and ecclesiology to strategic planning and deployment, and from training and coaching to research and resourcing (“The Day of Small Things”).

Furthermore renowned authors such as Frost, Hirsch and Moynagh regularly reference the movement as part of their wider discussion on the Missional Church (Frost and Hirsch), (Moynagh, Michael, and Philip Harrold).

The Fresh Expressions movement in still relatively young in countries such as Canada is still young and lacking in infrastructure, so evidence of what is happening on the ground is mostly anecdotal and unscientific. Though, it is safe to suggest that there are many fresh expressions of church in various levels of development.

Whereas in England the movement had the backing of a large denomination such as the Anglican church of England. In Canada it has been a loose coalition of partners with limited funding. This loose coalition format has been replicated in the USA, however the USA leadership have benefited from significant investment and consequently employed national staff.

The 2016 Day of Small things report suggests that fresh expressions have had a substantial impact on both the diocesan and national life of the Church of England. Some highlights include the fact that the membership of fresh expressions of church are the equivalent of two average sized dioceses. In addition, for every one person sent to be part of a fresh expression, there are now more than two-and-a-half people. With regards to numbers, it is suggested that 50,600 people are attending fresh expressions of church (“The Day of Small Things,” Executive summary). Lastly, by 2012, four or five times as many fresh expressions per year were being started compared to 2004. This evidence based research points to the reality that nothing else in the Church of England has this level of missional impact (“Church Growth Research Programme”, p5).