November FXCA update

fresh expressions canada november update

November 2 2009

The leaves are coming off the trees pretty quickly where I live, and soon we will be into the long, leafless season that persists in many parts of Canada far into May! We trust in the eventual appearance of another spring, but for now we must go through a period of dormancy. Nature continues to be at work, but the processes usually proceed unseen. Bulbs planted in October, take root in November, but will not produce a shoot far less a flower, until late winter. We are very much in the ‘bulb-planting’ stage when it comes to fresh expressions of church in Canada. It will be a while until we see a thousands flowers bloom. So, “we live by faith, not by what we see,” (2 Cor. 5.7 CEV) trusting that, by God’s grace, the work we do now will have an effect for years to come.

Mission Shaped Intro (MSI)-six weeks to rediscover mission and re-imagine church has wrapped up at Wycliffe College, Toronto.   Jenny Andison and  John Bowen presented the course to twenty something enthusiastic participants, were challenged, nicely of course, to think about presenting the course themselves in their own neighbourhoods.  Could be exciting!

This excellent six-session course can be freely downloaded and presented in your neighbourhood. To find out more email

The next Vision Day will take place on Saturday November 21st, 9.00 am-3.00pm, at St. Thomas the Apostle, 2345 Alta Vista Drive, Ottawa. For more details and to download the registration form click here. If you are interested in holding one in your area contact our Vision Day Coordinator, Sue Kalbfleisch. Contact her at

Thomas Brauer, our Western Contact, writes, “There is a mistaken understanding that fresh expressions of Church are mostly linked to Evangelical churches and traditions.  However, this is simply not true, as can be seen at the website, Fresh Expressions of the Sacramental Tradition.  This website is intended more to be an online community, than a blog, or e-zine.  It is an online place where folks interested in the sacramental and catholic traditions of the faith can come together to discuss and learn of Fresh Expressions, and mission in the post-modern era.” read more

In October I  headed out  to Sault Ste. Marie, ON,  for the Diocese of Algoma’s Synod to present Fresh Expressions Canada I had a great time giving an Information Session, and speaking to a Plenary Session of their synod. I met some wonderful people, many of whom were eager to learn more about being a more mission-shaped church. Over fifty people asked to be put on the list to receive this update, so welcome all you new FXCA friends in Algoma! Thanks to those who prayed for this trip.

This month I am heading further west, this time to Calgary, to represent FXCA at the Renov8 Church Planting Congress,  Nov. 19-20, where I will be presenting a workshop on Fresh Expressions. I’d love to meet any of you who are in the area, so please email me!

We need your stories of what’s going on in your area, to put on the FXCA website. Stories of attempts to start something new, something which may stand a chance of developing into a fresh expression of church. Here’s an example of what we are looking for, something that happened in Edmonton earlier this year. Could it turn into a fresh expression of church? I guess we’ll have to just wait and see! Please send your story with photos to

Please pray for all of us involved in encouraging “the development of fresh expressions of church alongside more traditional expressions, with the aim of seeing a more mission-shaped church take shape throughout the country.” Yes, it’s a huge job, but with God nothing is impossible, even though it is seldom easy!

Thanks so much for your interest in Fresh Expressions Canada. If you would like to support the work financially you can do so by clicking here and filling out the form, selecting “Other,” from the “I would like to direct my gift to:” options, and writing Fresh Expressions in the “Please Specify” box.

Yours sincerely in Christ Jesus,


Nick Brotherwood

Team Leader-Fresh Expressions Canada

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