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april 2012 update




Before April slides all too quickly into May, let me wish you a joyful Easter season. The reality of the risen Jesus with us always, is not easy to keep in the forefront of our minds. If you are like me, you will need frequent reminders of this reality. The apostle Paul describes this as being, “Christ in you, the hope of glory.” Seems like the surrounding culture is not interested in reminding us of this, so we must remind one another, as followers of Jesus, of this fact of new life. In the northern hemisphere nature provides a reminder in the form of spring. Some of you will know the song, “These foolish things (remind me of you),” where the writer list various “things” that remind him of the person he’s written the song about. I wonder, what “foolish things” remind us of Jesus, and of his risen presence with us? Anyone feel a song coming on?


    The 2011-2012 Mission Shaped Ministry course concluded March 24th, and the MSM team, led by Connie den Bok, will be reviewing the experience, and planning for the next course. We have been especially grateful to the United Church’s EDGE: for providing us with the technology which enabled the eight distance sites to participate, and especially to Joanne Rose our technican for the course. We couldn’t have done it without you!

If you are interested in finding out more about the course click here or email msm@freshexpressions.ca.




Sue Kalbfleisch

After over three years of  coordinating Vision Days for us, Sue Kalbfleisch is stepping down to devote more of her time to Messy Church Canada. Thank you so much Sue for all you have done co-ordinating and supporting many local churches who wanted to present a Vision Day! Sue has helped many people to:

  • dream dreams
  • ask questions
  • share your story
  • think about what it is to be church
  • find out about fresh expressions
  • discover resources
  • build networks and relationships

If you would be interested in exploring the possibilities of hosting a Fresh Expressions Vision Day in your area please contact us at vision@freshexpressions.ca

RE-IMAGINING CHURCH is entering what we hope will be the final phase of development before it is unleashed! As parishes transition out of ministry in a Christendom mode of life to that of post-Christendom, the Re-Imagining course is a resource to help you engage your congregation in that conversation. It is intended as an introductory course for those who know that not everything is working in their current parish, but are not sure what it is, how they should think about it or what might be done about it. The main thrust of the course is not so much practical (although there may well be practical results) as imaginative. The purpose of the course is to re-orient our thinking, sow some new ideas and to offer some examples of what can be done. Bishop Linda Nicholls recently taught the five week course at St. John’s Church, Peterborough, ON.


News about new Messy Churches that have started…


Fredericton, NB, from Archdeacon Pat Drummond who attended the Messy Fiesta in Burlington ON last year – “The first session on March16th went really well. We had 20 participants (and some 10 helpers) which we found manageable and not overwhelming for our first effort. People were very enthusiastic and told us they hoped to bring others next time. Our theme was ‘Love God’ – the prodigal son – from Messy Church 2. We meet at the Willie O’Ree Place in the Community Room. Our next sessions are on April 13th and May 18th.”

New Hamburg, ON, Trinity Lutheran has also started their new Messy Church!

Two Messy Fiestas (Messy Church full day workshops) are planned for June as follows:
  • Saturday, June 9th in Sudbury ON from 10am to 2:30pm – details to follow in the next Newsletter
  • Friday, June 15th in Toronto ON from 10am to 3pm – in conjunction with the UCC’s “More than Franchises: A Fresh Brew” conference  at Emmanuel College.  The MF is a ‘stand alone’ workshop and all are welcome, both to the Messy Fiesta and to the conference which runs from June 16th to 18th. For more information about the conference and the Messy Fiesta (and to register on-line), visit www.morefranchises.ca.  Also, please click here for the June 15th MF information flyer.

For more information about Messy Church in Canada, please contact Sue Kalbfleisch at sue.kalbfleisch@freshexpressions.ca and check out www.facebook.com/Messy ChurchCanada


Trent Durham Sally Gaze Workshop June 2, 2012

The Trent Durham Area of the Diocese of Toronto will welcome Sally Gaze, author of the book, Mission-Shaped and Rural, from the UK.

Sally Gaze

This insightful book looks at current issues in rural England and explores:

  • the nature of mission with special reference to the rural situation;
  • ways for the Church to engage with rural culture;
  • examples of rural fresh expressions of church;
  • identifying and pruning the things which inhibit mission in the countryside;
  • how all forms of church can work together for the glory of God

Come and explore the joys and challenges of being ‘mission-shaped’ in our rural context.The workshop is for both clergy and laity.  Come and bring a parish team!

Location:  St. John’s Anglican Church, Ida, Cavan, ON. Click here for more details.


That’s about it for now! Check  our website www.freshexpressions.ca for the latest news.

Please keep us in your prayers.

God bless,


Nick Brotherwood

FXCA team leader on behalf of the FXCA team

Ryan Sim


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