FXca Stories: Church Member Inspired at Vision Day to Explore Fresh Expressions

knitI went to the Fresh Expressions Vision Day at Christ Church, Campbellford and I was inspired.  That very next day (Sunday) I did a survey of St. Alban’s, asking questions like what’s your favourite style of music, favourite movie, hobbies, services….

It turned out that a fair # of folks like knitting and crocheting.  So….to make a long story short, I asked my prayer partner, who is a knitter, if she would host a fresh expressions knitting group.  Yes was her answer!

They meet twice a month, there are 2 Anglicans, 2 church goers (we don’t know where) and 2 non church people.  One of the non church girls was so excited that she went out and bought a book on prayer shawls which has prayers in it!  So this little group is fullflling 3 out of the 4 W’s…..Welcome Worship Witness.  Word is not read…..yet!  But it’s there in prayer.  One of the non church girls gave me the shawl she made so that I could pass it on to someone.  Fortunately, no one at St. Alban’s needs it right now, so I’m giving it to Gloria who has a parishoner dying of cancer.

Can a young peoples’ group be a fresh expression?  Perhaps.  Since last May, we have had a Games Night once a month for children 8-14.  We welcome them, we end each night with prayer and they give witness in that they raise money for the church and food for the local food bank.  They will also be involved in our Christmas Adopt a Family program. (the sad thing is that they may be receipients of this program through Salvation Army!)

Those are my stories.  Kate

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