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november 2010 update

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Well, October proved to be just as busy as I thought it was going to be! Trips to Alberta, Nova Scotia, and Newfoundland, saw me racking up the Aeroplan miles, and, more importantly, having the opportunity to meet many wonderful people actively  involved in God’s mission where they live. As the days shorten and the dark hours lengthen, the light of Jesus continues to shine brightly in his followers!

In Alberta, over seventy people attended a Vision Day in Calgary. While in Lethbridge, about forty people, some of whom had driven over three hours to be there, took part in a Fresh Expressions Conversation. A day in Edmonton gave me the opportunity to catch up with many of the exciting things happening there, including Standing Stones “a gathering of aboriginal and non-aboriginal people to explore God in an aboriginal context.”

I was in Nova Scotia for a “Great Church-Growing Church” workshop in Debert, where I was able to present a Fresh Expressions Vision Day to sixty plus people who had travelled up to five hours to be there. I am constantly astounded and humbled, by the commitment of people who are willing to travel huge distances often in inclement weather, in order to be part of one of these training events.

100 participants at the Gambo, NL, Vision Day

Four days  in Newfoundland saw me telling the Fresh Expressions story in Queen’s College, St. John’s; to a Clergy Conference, and a Vision Day, in Gambo. Over one hundred people drove up to four plus hours to take part in the latter event. Amazing! It has been a real privilege to meet so many people faithfully serving God in their home communities, and with an increasing appetite for finding new ways to reach out to their changing neighbourhoods with the love of Jesus.

L to R ,Shaun O'Connor, Nick & Bishop Davd Torravillthe love of

Plans are already afoot for more Vision Days, in Alberta and Nova Scotia, so stay tuned for details as they become known!

The mission shaped intro course continues in many locations, including Alberta and Ontario. One hundred and seventy people are involved in seven courses in the Toronto diocese, including one at Trinity College. We will be working on an review of msi, and hope to have updated materials ready early in the new year.

msm continues. On the last Saturday in October, forty-nine students were getting together,  either in person or via web conferencing, for a whole day’s learning.  The three main topics were Discipleship, Team Roles and Behaviour, and Leadership Matters. Course Leader, Connie den Bok, and guest teachers Jenny Andison, (Archbishop’s Officer for Mission in the Diocese of Toronto), Simon Bell, and Beth Fellinger,  handled the teaching. msm coordinator John Bowen asks us to pray, “for seeds that are being sown to begin to bear fruit . . .”

Two Vital Church Planting Conferences for 2011

Edmonton, TBA; Toronto, May 31-June 2nd,  both conferences will feature  Steven Croft, Bishop of Sheffield and former Archbishops’ Missioner and team Leader of Fresh Expressions, as well as a Canadian speaker.

Messy Church Workshops

On Thursday evening, October 27th, two Messy Church workshops were presented at the Five Oaks Centre in Paris, Ontario. Thirty-five participants enjoyed crafts and activities (making doves was the messiest with feathers everywhere), worship and a snack (water and gold fish crackers) as we followed the Messy Church model with “A New Start” theme (the story of Noah and the ark).  As a result, some participants plan to attend the November 6th full day Messy Fiesta in Simcoe, Ontario, and others plan to hold their own Messy Fiesta in the new year. A few places are still available for the Messy Fiesta in Simcoe, on November 6, 2010 (cost $20.00, time 10-3). Let Sue know immediately if you are interested in attending.

For more information about Messy Church and/or to find out more about attending or hosting a Messy Fiesta, please contact Sue Kalbfleisch, MC Regional Coordinator (Eastern Canada) at 905-648-0302 or sue.kalbfleisch@freshexpressions.ca.

the challenge of inter-faith dialogue in a pluralistic society Nov. 8th

Bishop Michael Nazir-Ali, former Bishop of Rochester in the UK, will speak at Wycliffe College, Toronto, on Monday November 8, 2010 at 7:00 PM in Sheraton Hall. More details here.

Please continue to pray for all of us involved in encouraging “the development of fresh expressions of church alongside more traditional expressions, with the aim of seeing a more mission-shaped church take shape throughout the country.” Yes, it’s a huge job, but with God nothing is impossible, even though it is seldom easy!

Thanks so much for your interest in Fresh Expressions Canada. As we commence our third year of life, if you would like to support the work financially you can do so online by clicking here and filling out the form, selecting “Other,” from the “I would like to direct my gift to:” options, and writing Fresh Expressions in the “Please Specify” box.

Yours in the power of the Holy Spirit!

the Fresh Expressions Canada team, Ryan, Sue, Thomas, Jenny, John, &…

Nick Brotherwood

Team Leader-Fresh Expressions Canada


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