FX Pilgrimage Liveblog: Ancient-Future – Changing Church for Changing Times

Sue and Andy Kalbfleisch travelled to the UK in September 2009 to explore fresh expressions of church, and are liveblogging their travels here.

While attending a workshop on “Fresh Expressions and the sacraments” at All Saints’ Milton, Diocese of Ely, I took some time at lunch to look in the sanctuary of this ancient church. To my surprise I didn’t find the traditional Anglican set piece, but a modern hi tech environment; movable chairs, projector and screen instead of service and hymn books, mixing board built into a central control pod at the back  and of course a permanent drum kit which identified some of the music styles that are used in worship. There was even a flat screen monitor so the Presider could see what was being projected on the large screen without twisting into a pretzel. The worship space has been reconfigured to suit their new style of worship.

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