Fresh Expressions Launched in New Zealand

FEANZ“More than 80 people from a range of denominations attended the official June launch of the Fresh Expressions movement in Christchurch, which took the form of a day-long seminar at Spreydon Baptist Church in Christchurch.Feedback on the day was encouraging, says our Archdeacon for Mission, John Day, who helped run the event. He was assisted by Young Adults Ministry Developer, Spanky Moore, and leaders from other denominations. Fresh Expressions is a term that’s used to describe a form of church for our changing culture. It’s about re-imagining what church is and moving out into the community to develop something new, rather than offering people a stepping stone to existing church.

During the launch event, some of those involved in local Fresh Expression activities shared inspiring stories about new relationships that are being formed in their communities. One of the challenging statements from the day was: “We don’t need to take God out there, God is already there”.  Participants were invited to discern opportunities for Fresh Expressions in their own neighbourhoods and to consider undertaking training with the organisation next year. It’s the first time the mission-shaped ministry course has been offered to parishes.

The byline of the newly launched organisation is “sent to the edge” (tonoa ki te pito) and there is a strong mission focus to the movement. Presenters said it’s about recognising connections we already have with people, letting go of preconceived ideas of what church is, and following the Spirit’s lead.

Those wanting more information about FEANZ (Fresh Expressions Aotearoa New Zealand) can email John Day at .”

Text: Megan Blakie

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