Exponential Liveblog – Matt Chandler Plenary

This morning’s second plenary was with Matt Chandler once again.  A few soundbites:

  • How do we “behold” Jesus and let his glory transform us?
  • Constantly preach the gospel to yourself
  • Isn’t Ephesians 1-2 just the gospel?
  • God’s working on a plan much bigger than you or I
  • There are too many people involved in the church for it not to be messy
  • Be about the one who saved you to the mission, not just the mission
  • God is at work. The church doesn’t need to be saved.
  • The church needs faithful men and women who will preach the Gospel out of a pure heart.
  • God was doing stuff before Luther or Calvin
  • Church planting isn’t a new thing.
  • Acts 2 went really well and then there were the Corinthians.
  • This job is not better than Jesus Christ.

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