Exponential Liveblog – Ken Blanchard

The first plenary speaker this morning was Ken Blanchard, founder of Lead Like Jesus.  He shared his story of coming to faith as a leadership consultant and author, when he learned “everything I had taught and written about leadership, Jesus already did.”  He described these stages of leadership development, with stories of Jesus forming his disciples in this way:

  • Enthusiastic beginner
  • Disillusioned learner
  • Capable but cautious contributor
  • Self-reliant achiever

A few other soundbites:

  • Jesus wants to give us a heart attack
  • Who would have put their money on a Jewish rabbi and his 12 inexperienced followers?
  • Servant first, leader second
  • Jesus first, others second, you third
  • If you mention Jesus, he does all the marketing/work
  • Eternal life as not real attractive to those whose lives aren’t working right now.
  • 5 habits of leading like Jesus
    • Solitude
    • Prayer
    • Study of scripture
    • Small vulnerability group
    • Remember God’s love
    • Go to an ego-anonymous meeting and get over it.

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