Excellent new resources

michael-moynagh-largeKeynote speaker at the 2014 Vital Church Planting Conference and the Vital Church Conference in Halifax, Mike Moynagh,

has written seven, three-minute guides to what he sees as being the essentials of fresh expressions of church (what are fresh expressions of church, why and how to start them, discipleship, multiplying, how to measure fruitfulness, etc.). Mike’s “Church for every context“, and his more accessible, “Being Church: Doing Life” are both sources he draws on for these pithy, freely downloadable guides. They would make great texts for a group wanting to move forward in the area of fresh expressions of church. As it says on the can , you could well read each one in three minutes, but my bet is each could fuel an few hours stimulating discussion at least!


See what you think, and let us know.


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