Different name-same content

The Fresh Expressions Course (TFEC):

a year to be equipped in planting and sustaining fresh expressions of church

The Fresh Expressihellomynameisons Course, (previously known in Canada as mission shaped ministry ) is a one-year, part-time course which takes people on a learning journey as part of a supportive community, training them for ministry in fresh expressions of church. Run ecumenically, the course has been offered three times so far by Fresh Expressions Canada, twice in Toronto along with people participating online from across the country and beyond, and once as an “online in realtime” course (MSM online.) It has also been presented over 100 times across the UK with more than 3,300 participants – and  is offered internationally in seven courses.

We believe that changing the name while keeping the same core content, will increase the awareness of the course to those who are becoming increasingly familiar with the phrase “fresh expressions of church.”

Along with offering The Fresh Expressions Course “table d’hote,” we can also offer course units on an “a la carte” basis, to groups or teams of people from a denomination, a church plant team, or any of a number of other possibilities, either physically or virtually.

Click here for more details, or email us at contact@freshexpressions.ca if you would be interested in exploring The Fresh Expressions Course .

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