Upcoming Messy Church Conference: Meeting Jesus in Messy Church: Loving Jesus, Making Jesus Known, Living Like Jesus

Upcoming Messy Church Conference: Meeting Jesus in Messy Church: Loving Jesus, Making Jesus Known, Living Like Jesus

The Messy Church Canadian Conference is a gathering of people who are dedicated to sharing the good news of Jesus with all ages/families in their communities – Messy Church leaders, volunteers and anyone who has a passion for ministering to their communities in an innovative way. Click here to register! On Thursday, October 26th and Friday […]

Vital Church Planting Conference 2016

Vital Church Planting Conference 2016

Learn from church planters and pioneering ministers and make connections across the country at VCP 2016. David Fitch, academic, church planter and prolific writer, will be our plenary speaker. Speakers will tell the stories of their successes and challenges in TED style talks and workshops, and Team Day returns on Saturday with an all-day workshop […]

Planning for Mission – VCP 2012 Workshop by Ryan Sim

This is a workshop given by Ryan Sim at the Vital Church Planting Conference 2012. Length: 49m [podcast]/resources/C1 Planning for Mission.mp3[/podcast] Extra Resources Planning Workshop Slides (PDF) Sample Budget (Excel) Sample Budget (PDF) Missional Waymarks 1.9x (Draft PDF – Courtesy of Duke Vipperman) Lego Man in Space Story on CBC Subscribe to all our Podcasts here

'I don't know anyone who goes to church anymore.'

In a recent blog posting, Fresh Expressions Director of Media, Norman Ivison, writes, “In Salmon Fishing in the Yemen (yes, films do take a while to arrive in Longridge) Fred Jones (Ewan McGregor), an expert in salmon, and Harriet Chetwode-Talbot  (Emily Blunt) arrive in the Middle East to embark upon a hopeless project. One of […]

Messy Church Canada May Newsletter

Hi Everyone! Had a wonderful time in the UK meeting with Lucy Moore and the Messy Church team!  Andy (my hubby who some of you have met) and I are working on creating a Canadian MC disk that will include video clips of Messy Churches here, a video interview we did with Lucy, and materials […]

Sharing in a Missional Movement: An Update on fresh expressions of church in Britain

According to the recently-published statistics, the Methodist Church and the Church of England each have one thousand fresh expressions of church, which involve a total of 66,000 people, meeting at least once per month. In addition, fresh expressions are developing in the United Reformed Church, the Congregational Federation, the Church of Scotland and other traditions. […]

"Fresh expressions are here to stay" says Bishop

“Fresh expressions are here to stay – for two reasons.” So says English Bishop and Archbishops’ Missioner, Graham Cray, in an op-ed piece in this month’s e-xpressions newsletter. “First they are now a proven part of the mission of the churches in this country. The movement is making a substantial numerical difference, and helping hundreds […]

Listen before you jump! Says FXCA team leader

In an interview with Stuart Mann published on the Anglican Diocese of Toronto website, Fresh Expressions Canada team leader Nick Brotherwood says, “Many people who want to start fresh expressions of church are keen to roll up their sleeves and get working on plans and strategies. But one of the best things they can do […]

FXCA update february 2012

FXCA update february 2012 Hello! I hope you are well and enjoying winter. Hello especially if you are receiving this update for the first time after asking to be subscribed to it either at the recent Vital Church Planting Conference or a recent Messy Fiesta! It’s good to have you with us. The first two […]

Missional Listening – VCP Workshop 2012

These are notes from a workshop by Nick Brotherwood & Ryan Sim at VCP 2012. Missional Listening Workshop Slides (PDF) Missional Listening Exercise Questions (PDF) to be answered based on a demographic segment from this handbook.  

Messy churches attract young families

“”We need to messy-up the way we do church in order to reach young families,” say Sue Kalbfleisch and Nancy Rowe.” In a recent telephone interview with Christian Week, Fresh Expressions Canada Vision Day Coordinator Sue Kalbfleisch spoke about the meesy Church outbreak . “There are Messy Churches springing up in every province,” she adds. […]

FXCA update january 2012

  FXCA update january 2012 Happy New Year everyone! The Fresh Expressions Canada (FXCA) Team, is a team of committed volunteers, who in addition to each following their chosen careers, also lend their significant gifts to our shared goal, “to encourage the development of fresh expressions of church alongside more traditional expressions, with the aim […]

FXCA december 2011 update

  december 2012  update Hello there! December already. I am sitting down to write the last Fresh Expressions Canada update for 2011. There is a very light dusting of snow outside. Amazing! Where did those eleven months go? Some of you  will be reading this update for the first time especially those who were at […]

Mixed Economy Church in A Changing Urban Context

This is a workshop given by Simon Bell at the Vital Church Planting Conference 2011.

Basics of Vital Church Planting & Fresh Expressions

This is a workshop given by Nick Brotherwood at the Vital Church Planting Conference 2011.

FXCA november update

  fxca november 2011 update Hello there! Becoming a more Jesus-centred and mission-shaped church (or person) is not something which typically happens particularly quickly or easily. It is going to take time, and therefore we need to be in this for the long haul. Of course this goes against the grain of our instant, just […]

Missional Coaching

This is a workshop given by Duke Vipperman at the Vital Church Planting Conference 2011.

FXCA october update

                                                                   fxca october 2011 update Hello there! September, with its warm daytime temperatures, (especially if you were in Saskatchewan,) shorter days and cooler nights, has come and gone. The 2011 msm course got off to a good start in Toronto and eight distance sites in four provinces. A new season of ministry is off […]

Starting & Restarting Community in Every Generation

This is a workshop given by Melissa Graham Burke at the Vital Church Planting Conference 2011.

VCP 2011 Plenary by Steve Croft

This is a plenary talk given by Bishop Steve Croft at the Vital Church Planting Conference 2011.

FXCA september update

                                                                   fxca september 2011 update Late last month the Fresh Expressions Canada (FXCA) team had a conference call to update each other about fresh expressions related things we are aware of going on in our respective necks of the woods. This is my first opportunity to share some of that with you. Edmonton, AB, […]

Learning to Start Fresh Expressions of Church (Mission-Shaped Ministry Course)

There is clear evidence these days that one of the most effective forms of evangelism in contemporary North America is church planting. More people come to faith in Christ through new churches than through long-established churches. So how do you begin a new Christian community where none exists at present and where there is little […]

VCP 2011 Podcast Series launched

Today saw the launch of the first two in a series of podcasts featuring all of the  plenary sessions and some of the workshops from this year’s Vital Church Planting Conferences. Each month another set of podcasts will be posted on this site. Here are the details of the first set:-     Beth Fellinger’s […]

VCP 2011 Plenary by Beth Fellinger

This is a plenary talk given by Beth Fellinger at the Vital Church Planting Conference 2011.

Fresh Expressions in the Sacramental Tradition

This is a workshop given by Bishop Stephen Cottrell, and facilitated by Father David Harrison, at the Vital Church Planting Conference 2011.

Vision Days for Regina & Fredericton

The first Fresh Expressions Vision Days in New Brunswick and Saskatchewan.   Fredericton Vision Day on Saturday November 26th, St. John’s Parish Centre, Anglican Parish of Douglas and Nashwaaksis. click here to register. Regina Vision Day on  Saturday February  25th 2012. All Saints Anglican Church 142 Massey Road Regina SK, S4S 4M9 306.586.442 More details […]

FXCA June update

fxca june update In the time between Ascension and Pentecost the church waits and prays. A time for making sense of what has happened, of anticipating what is still to come. A time for remembering that it is God who sets the time frame not us. A time for giving thanks for all God has […]

FXCA may update

    may2011 update Easter greetings! Jesus’ words to the disciples on the evening of the first Easter day, “As the Father has sent me, I am sending you,” ring down the ages and provide a template for our lives as his followers today. We are sent people. People sent by the risen Jesus. Sent […]

Time to start new churches?

In an article in the April edition of Niagara Anglican Online, Dr. John Bowen, (Wycliffe College’s Professor of Evangelism and Director of the Institute of Evangelism,) makes the case for starting new forms of church in our post-Christendom context.

"msm has challenged me…" msm Canada student

A new video shot recently by Andy & Sue  Kalbfleisch, has Graham McCaffrey (a student on the msm Canada course) explaining what the course has meant to him. Watch it here. To find out more the Mission Shaped Ministry (msm) course, click here.

A Brazilian fresh expression of church?

Bishop George Bruce of the Diocese of Ontario tells about a surprising visit to a unique expression of church in the Diocese of  South Western Brazil. click here to view video.

Messy Fiesta, Burgessville, ON

A Messy Fiesta in Burgessville On Saturday, January 29th, thirty-four parish leaders (clergy and lay) braved the wintry weather to attend a Messy Fiesta (a Messy Church workshop from 10 to 3) at the Burgessville United Church in Burgessville Ontario led by Rev. Nancy Rowe and Susan Kalbfleisch. The day began with everyone participating in […]

“this God thing” at the Hard Stone Cafe

The Hard Stone Café (HSC) began at St. John’s (Stone) Anglican Church, in Saint John, NB, in 2002, as a connection point for youth, aged 13– 18yrs, and in particular for youth without a prior connection to church or Christianity.  This was one program in an umbrella of programs created to engage the community directed […]

"Anglican Church of Canada needs to become a mission-shaped Church" says Primate

In a letter to the Anglican Church of Canada, Archbishop  Fred Hiltz describes  the major issue facing us today. “The Anglican Church of Canada needs to become a mission-shaped Church that speaks with greater relevance to an increasingly secularized country.” (Read the full text of Archbishop Fred’s letter here.) Fresh Expressions Canada is delighted to […]

what will mission-shaped churches look like where you live?

Click here to see Bishop of Ontario, George Bruce, talking about what he thinks mission-shaped churches will look like in Eastern Ontario. Shot and edited by Joan Daniel Lillo, November 2010

FXCA january update

january 2011 update Happy New Year! Just last Friday, members of the Fresh Expressions Canada team and some friends, met via an internet enabled audio conference call on Skype. We were in Edmonton, AB; Ancaster, Hamilton, Toronto, & Ottawa, ON; Montreal, QC; and New Wes Valley, NL! We spent two hours talking and planning for […]

Contemplative Prayer Drumming – oxymoron or fresh expression?

Behold! Something stirs in the English countryside… “Tanworth-in-Arden is a small rural parishbetween Birmingham and Redditch. Paul Cudby, vicar of St Mary Magdalene church, explains what they are doing to reach those who don’t ‘do’ church.” read more

FXCA december update

december 2010 update hi there! I am awestruck by the natural beauty of the aurora captured by photographer Stan Richards over some fields in Iowa some Decembers ago. I have never seen these “northern lights” in such startling colours, and can only imagine the feelings of those who observed it themselves. God has privileged us […]

skate church starts second season

What started out as a problem, turned out to be a wonderful opportunity for the the people of  St. James the Apostle Church in Perth ON.  Many people know the story having seen the video, “Skater Church”, online, or at Vision Days across the country. Reaching out to the skateboarding community in Perth was not […]

Does Canada still need the Church?

You’ve probably seen the headlines, headlines such as: “Churches come tumbling down. . . . Canadian Christendom is destined for history’s sunset.” (Globe and Mail, Christmas 2007) According to Canadian sociologist Reginald Bibby there is a perception, particularly among academics and the media that religion in Canada is a fossil, a vanishing holdover from an […]

FXCA november update

november 2010 update hi there! Well, October proved to be just as busy as I thought it was going to be! Trips to Alberta, Nova Scotia, and Newfoundland, saw me racking up the Aeroplan miles, and, more importantly, having the opportunity to meet many wonderful people actively  involved in God’s mission where they live. As […]

FXCA october update

october 2010 update hi there! Wow! The events seem to be coming thicker and faster than leaves off the trees at this time of year. It’s a wonderful time but often an exhausting time. Time to remember that is those who wait upon the Lord who are the ones who find their strength renewed. (Isa. […]

Working the edges

Ministry at the edges of Church and culture is a challenge, to say the least.  It is often hard to discern which particular edges should attract our limited mission attention (and budgets).  With challenges in finding both people and money for long-term mission projects, it is often helpful to find “one off” mission opportunities which can still […]

FXCA september update

september 2010 update Hi there! It seems a really long time since I last sat down to key in the last Fresh Expressions Canada  FXCA update back in  early June. Lots of interesting things have happened since then, and there are lots more coming up for the Fall. We are really excited about the launch […]

Discussion: Rural Fresh Expressions in the UK and Canada

Each month the Share website in England sends out  Share Thoughts, a free monthly email with a thought-provoking article, containing material of great interest to the church. In the August edition the article below appeared, which we reproduce in full with the kind permission of Fresh Expressions and Share. We thought it would be of […]

the most rewarding time of my life

In a recent blog posting on the Share website, Canadian  Andy Kalbfleisch, of Ancaster, ON, tells part of his transition from jump rope entrepreneur to filmaker. “Before all this started I wondered if I would be bored when I finally retired. Now I know that the joys of volunteering to share the Gospel story in […]

Lucy's messy Canadian adventure!

Lucy Moore, (inventor of Messy Church,) touched down in Vancouver in June, for ten days of Canadian messiness! Shortly after arriving home in Cowplain, Hampshire, she wrote this in her blog. “The flight home was in the company of a young Canadian figure skater come to train for the summer months at Nottingham ice rink. […]

Worship Not the Starting Point, says Bishop

In the current issue of  “expressions”, the e-newsletter of Fresh Expressions in England, Bishop Graham Cray writes, “One of the most common misunderstandings about fresh expressions is the belief that they are new types of worship service. It is an understandable mistake as worship lies at the heart of the life of the church, and […]

Doing Church Differently

Doing Church Differently By Trina Gallop June 08, 2010 – Brian Bukowski / General Synod Communications Canon Nick Brotherwood The landscape of the church is changing and we are faced with a culture that has, “less knowledge of the faith,” with each successive generation. Through a dynamic presentation full of startling statistics to General Synod 2010 on […]

Go West, young conference…

Standing Stones. Thanks to Margaret Marschall, Editor of the Edmonton/Athabasca paper, The Messenger This morning I was part of a monthly gathering of church planters in Edmonton.  We gather to support and encourage one another, and we take it in turns to discuss issues that are concerning us in our ministries.  At the end of […]