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I hope you had a wonderful celebration of Jesus’ resurrection. Easter is indeed a wonderful time. In a very real way as followers of Jesus we lead our lives in the reality of the resurrection, whether or not we are actively aware of the fact. Jesus is risen and continues to be so!


Outside our bedroom window in Montreal there is a lilac tree. There is not a leaf in sight. To the naked eye it is simply a bare, apparently lifeless tree . Looking more closely, the buds which have been there all winter, are now beginning to swell, and as the temperature rises will eventually burst revealing new young leaves. How many of our church communities, to the naked eye, seem bare, lifeless? But, on closer inspection,  here and there, there are “buds” of new life swelling, ready to burst into something new. The first image is the work many would say of nature, while the second is the work of the Holy Spirit.

Something of this newness has been captured by the fifteen authors whose articles are collected in the new book, “Green Shoots out of Dry Ground“, which as well as describing the reality of life in the church in Canada today, arealso capturing some of what those new shoots of the spirit are looking like, coast to coast to coast. If you ever feel that “nothing’s happening,”  reading through the pages of “Green Shoots” should persuade you otherwise, and renew your sense of hope that God truly is at work in our country.

Four new videos

Postcard frontReimagining Church: shaped for mission

To help those who have downloaded the course in actually running it where they live, we have come up with four short videos. The videos, which feature Reimagining Church writer John Bowen, and were videoed and edited by Andy and Sue Kalbfleisch, are

1. How does it all fit together? (an introduction to the course)

2. Bringing it home

3. Building teams

4. Making it ecumenical

You can watch the videos here.


msmcake-300Sadly, we have had to cancel the projected msm online course

which was to have started at the beginning of this month. This was due to insufficient registrations. We hope to offer this course in the fall. Please watch the MSM page on the Fresh Expression Canada website for more news.



Messy News



Two Messy Church events are coming up this month:


  • April 20 in Kettleby ON (near Aurora just north of Toronto) from 10am-3pm – a Messy Fiesta for newcomers to the Messy Church concept – click here for registration and information.
  • April 27 in Innerkip ON (near Woodstock) from 10am-3pm – our first Messy Meet Up for Messy Church practitioners.  This is a new kind of event designed for folks to network, share ideas and particularly to discuss disciple making in Messy Church – click here for registration and information.

Don’t forget to check out the Messy Church Canada Facebook page for the latest news.


Video CompetitionCamera

You are invited to produce a 3 minute Canadian video that shows:

  • a Fresh Expression of Church in your community, or
  • a Church Plant Initiative, or
  • an Innovative Ministry Initiative

For ideas, check out the videos posted on this site.

What to do:

Shoot your video and edit it with voice over, music, transitions and so on. Shoot it with a smart phone, digital camera or video camera.  You may wish to get a group together to create the video.

Upload your edited video to Youtube or Vimeo.

If you have any questions, and to send us your YouTube or Vimeo link (long with your contact information), please use the form below.

Deadline for sending in your video link:  May 31, 2013


Ancient Practices and Intentional Communities

The Diocese of Toronto will host a workshop with the Rev. Ian Mobsby, one of the founding members of the Moot Community in Central London in the UK, with past involvement in three ianmobsbywebprevious alternative worship/emerging church communities. Ian is an associate missioner of the Fresh Expressions team, and an associate lecturer of the St. Paul’s Theological Centre in London.

The workshop will be entitled “Ancient Practices and Intentional Communities:  what’s happening, what does it mean and where is it all going?” It will take place 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., May 04 2013  at St. John, York Mills, in Toronto.

Register online here.




A Day With Mike Frost, April 22-25, 2013

Michael Frost, author of numerous books that have been a foundation for the missional conversation, will be speaking at several cities across western Canada from April 22-25, 2013. Join Michael and members of the Forge Team in Winnipeg, Edmonton, Calgary, and Vancouver. These events are organised by Forge Canada. For more information click here.

mike frost General evite 2013


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