a MSM online progress report

rucksackThe Mission Shaped Ministry Online course is well underway with people participating in Fort Smith, NWT, Edmonton, AB, Mississauga, ON, and Montreal, QC, meeting online in real time across three time zones.

One participant wrote, “I have really been challenged in the on-line classes. Not so much in knowing more “stuff” but in the sense of knowing that there are many of us who are trying to engage a culture which is going in an opposite direction to what Christ has called all of us to! Keep up the great work!” Another commented, Participating in MSM Online has deepened my awareness what it means to be a pioneer ministry leader. I have found language for my experiences  and I have a keener awareness of the role of ongoing discernment in serving God’s Mission. As a group we are experiencing a growing sense of community, where we can pray for each other,  ask questions,  grow in understanding and be more effective practioners.

We meet online for two hours every two weeks, and hope to do so over the next twelve months. Despite a few technical difficulties, which often proved to be simply unfamiliarity with the technology, the experience so far has been overwhelmingly positive. Five people, some three thousand kilometres apart, have been able to be part of an ongoing learning community without having to move or commute in order to be able to participate. The content is excellent, using materials developed by Fresh Expressions in Britain, but adapted for Canada.

The online sessions use the Adobe Connect platform, and feature vocal and visual interaction, videos and powerpoint presentations. Additionally, supporting material, handouts and additional notes can be downloaded from the course’s dedicated website page. The experience is opening up possibilities for delivering top quality training in non-traditional forms using available technologies.

 Our hope is that more people who want to receive the kind of training for starting fresh expressions of church the Mission Shaped Ministry course can offer, will want to do so online, where they live, on a day and time that fits with their schedule. We are committed to doing our best to see if we can respond to your need for such training. So, if you, or people whom you know, would be interested in the course, please do not hesitate to email us at msmonline@freshexpressions.ca, so we can start a conversation about you joining a future course.


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