Mark Dunwoody commissioned as transitional team leader

Posted by on Nov 29, 2016

Fresh Expressions Canada (FEC) is excited to announce that Mark Dunwoody has been commissioned as its transitional team leader.

Mark replaces Nick Brotherwood who had been FEC’s team leader since its inception in 2008. We wish Mark and his family God’s richest blessings as he takes on this new responsibility.

Fresh Expressions Canada's transitional team leader Mark Dunwoody

Fresh Expressions Canada’s transitional team leader Mark Dunwoody

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  1. Rev. Andrew Cooke
    February 7, 2017

    Mark, I have an older congregation rural parish with 3 remaining churches. They are in predominantly fishing communities with the only gathering places being my churches and restaurants, some of which only open in tourist season. We have for the last 3 years initiated Alpha which led into a continual Wed night meeting for praise study and fellowship. Spirituality has risen greatly and the people, though mostly older are mostly open to change and more modern music. My wife and I have and continue to do door knocking. The parish is welcoming and gospel centered. One church has opened its doors in season 6 days a week for tourists of which last year numbered 4500. It all sounds good until I say as a parish we are still not growing enough, and age demographic is still not lowering. We preach that church is the people, and people are #1 not the structure, but reality is if our parish fails in future years – we are the last churches standing as the visible presence of the church of God. We have a great pianist for worship, and I (somewhat) play guitar but no other musicians have come forth. Any ideas where to go from here in Fresh expressions?



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